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by Todd on 10' Versa SUP
Can't get off this board!

Purchased the 10' Versa a couple of weeks ago and literally can't stay off it. I ride it daily, sometimes twice per day. Very stable and handles well in choppy surf. Have only used in open ocean, but can't wait to catch waves on it. Has the feel and shape of a short board with the stability of a long board. Stoked to have this awesome company in my backyard...and my new board there too!

by Anthony B. on 10' Versa SUP
10ft Versa - Perfect Board

Recently purchased the 10ft Versa board and it is perfect. I bought this for my wife as she wanted something that was stable in chop yet sleek enough to be fast. Needless to say she loves it! Not only is the board beautiful but it can also be used as a surf board as it is perfect for catching smaller waves found on our coast. We could not be happier and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great paddle board.

by Anthony B. on 9'2 Surf SUP
9'2 Surf SUP - Love it!

Recently purchased the 9'2 Surf SUP and I love it. Was going to buy a surf board to compliment the paddle board but I don't need to do that because this board is truly a surf board and paddle board all in one. It is great as a paddle board, stable, wide and fast. It is also nimble enough to catch waves and ride them to shore. I love this board and now I don't need to spend $500 on a surf board!

by Colleen R. on 9'2 Surf SUP
Love my new board!!!

I am absolutely in love with my new paddleboard! Not only is it beautiful but it's so stable and my first time out I only fell off twice ! Tavis helped me out to know how to paddle and got me started on the right track. Thank you so much. Now I have no excuse, I have to exercise. 😉

by Bud on 10' Versa SUP

The Versa board design is the best. Used it on Cape Cod waters this month (July). Very stable, smooth riding, and great control! Ditched my 11' paddle board for this one and like it much better!

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